Thursday, October 06, 2011

Taking Applications

I love a good Halloween party.

Any occasion that allows me to put on a costume, try out an alter ego and celebrate one of the freakiest holidays on the calendar, is a good occasion in my book.

In three weeks, Cincinnati's superheroes (well, maybe not that superhero) are returning to the Hall of Justice for a celebration like no other.

The Hall of Justice? What? You think I'm talking about Union Terminal?

Nope, I'm talking about Hanna Barbera's Super Friends Hall of Justice.
Comics Wallpaper: Superfriends - Hall of Justice

If you think they look similar, that's not a coincidence.

But I digress.

I am a host of the event that aims to support Enjoy The Arts, which helps bring the arts to children and youth who would otherwise not get a chance to experience them. It's a really worthy cause, and I am happy to direct folks to the event.

I hope you can join us. Click here to buy tickets, and then don your tightest tights and sexiest unitards.

I plan on dressing as Lois Lane, what with my roots in journalism. I'll be sporting some brown hair, chunky glasses and a press pass, and I'll be carrying a microphone, asking folks if they've seen Superman.

Which leads me to my question (prompted by my friend, the lovely Christina) - who wants to be my Superman? She says I should take applications to see who wants to join me as Lois Lane's favorite superhero.

Or maybe I should just search for Superman at the event.

Could turn out to be a hot, hot story.

See you there!

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