Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Santa Baby: 2011

I've been an awfully good girl.

Between all my running, volunteering, and this year's professional successes, I have a lot to write Santa about.

Rather than pop a letter in the post, I thought I'd give St. Nick a show-and-tell about the things on my wish list. Any one of these items would make me a happy girl (or any lady on your shopping list).

Hunter wedge heel wellies

Perfect for the downtown-working, downtown-playing, downtown-living lady - this boot will keep your tootsies dry while elongating your leg a bit thanks to the stacked wedge heel. It's just a matter of time until you see these boots on my feet ($175).

Bond No. 9
I am a sucker for good fragrances.

On men, on myself - I love a delicious scent, and Bond No. 9 is my favorite line of the moment ($160-230 depending on size). I wore the Andy Warhol Success is a Job in New York fragrance when I accepted my Forty under 40 award in September. Lately, I've taken to wearing the Westside, Chinatown and Nuit de Noho scents (the latter reminds me of my previous winter standby, Angel by Thierry Mugler).

I'm thinking of ringing in the new year with a new bottle of the Coney Island scent. Its margarita and chocolate notes are just what the doctor ordered for the start of 2012.

I unexpectedly received a second iPhone at work on Tuesday. Now I have my pesonal iPhone 4, and an iPhone 4s for my professional needs.

They're both white, and other than Siri, I can't tell the two apart.

It's time to get some fun cases to give each smartphone some intelligent personality.

Kate Spade has a variety of classic, stylish and colorful versions for iPhone 4/4s devices. They run about 40 bucks, which is comparable to a simpler case you could pick up at the Verizon store.
Christmas is eleven days away, and the great thing about being a grown up is that we can pick up whatever our heart desires if Santa forgets to place a special gift under the tree.

Do you think I should tell him I want an iPad, too?

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