Wednesday, June 06, 2012

The Dress

I've always been a ham for the cameras.

Local photographer Amy Elisabeth wanted to take some shots of my Lindsey Lusignolo gown, a blue bespoke piece I consigned for the annual Junior League gala.

I was just lucky to get to be the gal who posed in the dress.

Amy and Lindsey are two products of Bad Girl Ventures, the female-driven microlending effort that focuses on helping Cincinnati area startups. Founder Candace Klein is one of my dearest friends in the world, and I am happy to help any women going through that program.

And if that means putting on a couture gown and a pair of Manolo Blahniks, so be it.

Amy's photography is very high fashion (don't be surprised someday when you see her work in the likes of Vogue), and I was grateful she indulged my Danger High Voltage concept pictured above.

I've seen these wooden utility covers around Downtown Cincinnati for years and have long wanted someone to pose with one of them.

Amy had a variety of other ideas to execute, but the Music Hall concept was one of my favorites. Until this shoot, I had no idea how difficult it was for a model to execute a pose properly. When one is on the other end of the lens, it's easy to misunderstand the photographer's vision.

Camera in hand and beauty light blazing, Amy asked me to lean far down the steps at Music Hall - all while swinging my leg backward toward a forgotten shoe. I felt a bit like a contortionist, but the image is clear.

Cinderella does exist, if even for the sake of photography.

The Queen City is the real gem in these photos. Some of the other images capture Cincinnati's old beer brewing tradition; a few others celebrate the street I call home.

While I had to whip out the false eyelashes and blood red Chanel lip gloss for the shoot, my beloved city didn't have to do a thing.

Cincinnati always sparkles - and that's just the way I like her.

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