Friday, June 08, 2012

Liz, the Fresh Prince and Octomom

Today is all about royalty and old bags.

First up, a video that some might call a good summation of the Diamond Jubilee. Anglophiles and royal subjects might be a bit more defensive.

Watch with a G&T and a bit of good humor.

This second video is a riot. Cleverly edited, if you'd never seen British babysitter flick Mrs. Doubtfire before, you'd have no idea this movie is one of Robin Williams' comedies.

The Fresh Prince has a new version of Summertime. This clip is a preview; you can download the full version on iTunes on June 11.

Conan O'Brien takes a swipe at the reality television royalty Octomom, who has started stripping to promote her new baby making session sex tape.

Finally, Canadian SportCentre just might give Bob Herzog's Dance Party Friday a run for its money.

They're not old bags and they're not royalty, but they sure are dancing queens.

May your weekend kick ass and take names.

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