Monday, December 31, 2012

2012: Looking Back and Letting Go

What a year it was.

The past 365 days gave me a good many opportunities to learn, grow and make mistakes. But I also experienced a few points of celebration that will keep me going and pushing for bigger wins in the year ahead. A few of the highlights.

  • I can run. I've never been regarded as an athlete, but 2012 ushered in the opportunity for me to complete three half-marathons. I only walked about half a mile in the first race and I consider that a real triumph for me. I've since lost my running habit but I intend on reviving it to take on new adventures in 2013.
  • I can love. This past year reminded me that I know how to love, but also the hard lesson that a relationship involves hard work by both parties. I discovered I have a generous heart and lots of passion, and those two traits aren't enough to make a relationship work. I'm counting on 2013 to bring on new chances for love and occasions when I can open up and be myself with someone I care about.
  • I have wonderful friends. There's a world of difference between knowing lots of people and having close relationships, and in 2012 I pulled back from "the scene" to work on the latter. From the Chinatown Bus to an invisible bat in my apartment, my friends have joined me for adventure and have offered limitless support. I've also learned some people are meant to be in our lives despite our best efforts to sever ties. I'm grateful 2012 returned to me one of my closest relationships.
  • I thrive when I work in a place that lets me do my thing. This past year brought with it the opportunity to work in a new environment with talented people tackling incredibly creative projects. I am so grateful for the chance to play with my words, to be a leader, and to grow the experiences on my CV. I can't wait to see what new professional experiences 2013 brings with it.
Looking forward, I know 2013 is going to be another great opportunity for growth. April brings with it a trip to Dubai and Bangkok; I thrive when I have the chance to experience some adventure, and trekking to the Middle East and Asia will stoke the fires of my passion and yearning for discovery.

May you find peace with the year behind you and look at every experience as an opportunity for growth and learning. And here's to hoping 2013 brings us all great peace and prosperity, happiness and bountiful love with family and friends.


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Jamie Humes said...

Cheers to you, Miss Katy!
Your progress, growth and insights are so honest and inspiring...and I've loved watching you experience them this past year. Looking forward to 2013 with you and will continue to cheer you on and support.
Much love,