Thursday, June 02, 2005

Off the AP Wire...

This is the kind of story that makes me pissed off at the military. For chrissakes, this woman was just doing her GD job, and they punish her anyway.


Ohio officer granted partial clemency

DAYTON, Ohio (AP) - Partial clemency has been granted to a
former Ohio Army Reserve commander who was court-martialed for
scavenging parts to carry out a mission in Iraq.
Major Cathy Kaus of Dayton will get to stay in the military.
She spent six months in a military prison in San Diego, and
applied for clemency. A military officer reduced her punishment to
a reprimand, the six months already served in jail, and a
5-thousand dollar fine.
She was among six Ohio reservists court-martialed for scavenging
parts of abandoned Army vehicles to help them deliver fuel to U.S.
forces in Iraq.
Chief Warrant Officer Darrell Birt of Columbus also was granted
partial clemency.

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Hasselback said...

It's funny how much has changed. When some tank crewman at Normandy figured out you could cut through those pesky European hedgerows by welding part of an abandoned anti-tank trap to the front of a Shermand tank, he got a medal.

I agree, this woman was shafted.

Kate The Great said...

It's kind of like telling someone to drive a car, and tying their hands behind their back. Drives me crazy.