Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Treasure Hunt

The Hamilton Co. Public Library system is having it's annual used book sale at Fountain Square.
(By far, downtown Cincinnati's most recognizable landmark. Check the WKRP's show open to jog your mind).

Here's what I picked up yesterday:

A Martha Stewart cookbook hate the bitch, love her style

White House Family Cookbook From Johnson to Reagan

Let's Entertain NYC Junior League cookbook circa 1987

We Interrupt This Broadcast (have been wanting this book for about 6 or 7 years, could never quite cough up the 50 bucks to buy it)

A Norman Rockwell collection book by Better Homes and Gardens circa 1976 Gosh, they made great things that year ;)

A book on how to enjoy/appreciate/learn about wine So it involves more than just swallowing?

Miss Manners: A book by Judith Martin This appeals to my anal thank-you-card-sending/how-to-hold-your-fork-and-knife compulsion

The Complete Writings of Mark Twain

Grand Total: $27

I fully intend to make it back there this week to scout out a few more finds and to talk to the crazy lady with the missing top row of teeth. She said she had some inside information on a crime scene that my TV station would want to know about.

Ah yes, gotta love the local color.


Hasselback said...

That's the one downside to Saipan so far. There's really only one bookstore and it's pretty darned small.

Hell of a haul though lady. Happy hunting the next time you go.

Micah said...

Hey, I've been to that fountain!

Yeah, seems like you really scored. I'm all over a used book sale.

George: I bet the Amazon shipping charges to Saipan cost an arm and a leg.