Monday, June 13, 2005

Swing Batter, Swing

There are few things in life better than a cold beer at an afternoon baseball game.

That was my treat this Sunday: Spending a few hours at Great American Ball Park to watch the Reds beat the Orioles 10 to six, winning five of the six game series (sorry, Micah).

The first pitch was tossed around 1:15, the temperature was in the 80s and fans in the stadium were treated to a refreshing, gentle breeze.

It was a great day for baseball.

As the Ohio River rolled by the backside of the stadium, Griffey rolled through the bases twice, thanks to his awesome power to summon a pair of homeruns.

My group was suffering a downer from the news Lexington native Austin Kearns was to be traded down to the Louisville Riverbats (his game is a bit off, and his replacer Wiy Mo Pena is the epitome of hot right now).

So long, Austin

The W on the board was a bit of boost for the fans coping with the baseball travesty.

Considering the way the Reds have been playing, there's sure to be a few more disappointments.


LindseyO said...

Howdy! Michele sent me. I'm a huge baseball fan; sounds like a great afternoon!

Vertical Man said...

I hear the new ballpark is pretty cool. Didn't Sammy Sosa hit two home runs for the Orioles? I'm a Cubs fan and, my God, do I hate him!

Micah said...

Yeah, yeah. Enjoy the wins. All I have to say is look at the standings. Both of my teams (O's, Nationals) are first in their respective divisions. And the Reds?

Kate The Great said...

zee, thanks for stopping by! You're welcome any time.

vertical man, Oh Sosa. I didn't even pay attention to half the game (I'm a bit of a talker and I also like indulging myself in my guilty pleasure of people watching), and I sure as heck didn't watch any of the other team's runs :) Thanks for visiting.

M- Stop giving me a hard time. Yes, the Reds suck. But that doesn't mean a girl can't dream, right? And yes, your teams are setting the world on fire, baby.