Thursday, August 30, 2007

Dinner Date

Friends, strangers and anyone between - I am inviting you to dinner.

I make this offer after discovering an initiative involving my favorite kind of restaurants: local dining establishments.

The Greater Cincinnati Independents are sponsoring a Restaurant Week between September 4th and 8th.

The list of participating restaurants includes some reliable favorites like Andy's Mediterranean and Pompilio's in Newport. The list also include the likes of gourmet establishments such as Jean-Robert at Pigall's, Red, Hugo and Daveed's at 934.

THOSE are the kinds of restaurants I'd like to try - only because I don't have the deep pockets to eat at those spots on a regular basis.

Restaurant Week invites foodies and other curious types to explore 25 independent, tri-state restaurants. Each establishment will serve up a three-course menu for $25.07 (the number of restaurants participating and the calendar year, how clever). The price does not include drinks, taxes or tip.

My media friends and other curious types can look at a press release on Restaurant Week here.

So the invite is open.

So is my calendar.

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