Wednesday, August 29, 2007

So the myspace ad sez...

..."You have one new message. One of your top 8 friends has added you to their crush list."

That's kinda funny.

Five of those eight are women.
Three of those eight are seriously dating someone.
As many as three of those eight are casually dating someone.
One of those eight has triumphed over divorce.
One of those eight is gay.
One of those eight is like the brother I never had.
One of those eight is a sister.

So which person is it?

1 comment:

The Notorious N.A.T said...

Very Interestingggg...I found out a married guy here at work has a crush on me.


I say.

WHAT THE EFF!!!!????

Why is it always like that? Freaks, Pisces, and Married Men. Or other odd men from Madagascar / Meditteranean sailors who want to chat with beautiful woman. ARRRGGHHH!!!