Thursday, August 09, 2007

Guest Blog -- Hear That Bengal Growling...

Kate the Great knows about a lot of things, but lets face it, sports is not one of them. So my good friend asked me to write a guest blog to get you ready for the football season. Yes, my name is Big Blue Blood (because I am a die hard UK Basketball fan), but I am also a big Bengals Fan.

Two years of season tickets proves it... and makes my brother very proud.

I am one of those people who get a little bummed when the summer is about to come to an end. No more flip flops, days at the pool or beers on the deck. But what is does mean is it's time to get ready for some football.

Ah, the pigskin.

I can now justify sitting at home on Saturday nights to watch college football and have a legitimate reason to drink at noon on Sundays for the next several months. Who can watch a game without a beer? As a Bengals fan, that used to be the only way you could get through a game. I know all you naysayers are thinking... oh the Bungles, really? Yes. Surely you know one die hard Bengals fan who has actually stuck with this team through the hard times (best known as the 90s).

To me, that one die hard is my brother, Chuckles. He loves everything Bengals. His entire basement is Orange & Black with fatheads of Boomer Esiason and Carson Palmer. He has a gorgeous bar with the Bengals helmet painted on top of it. And for the people who have met Chuckles, they know he also has the biggest man crush ever on Carson Palmer. REALLY!
But for me the defining die hard moment about my brother came sometime last spring. I called him one night, I think in April, and he was acting crazy. He told me he was watching a Bengals game. He was actually watching the Bengals - 49ers Super Bowl on the NFL Network.
(for anyone who is not a fan, the Bengals have a heart-breaking loss in the Super Bowl when Boomer turned the ball over in a last minute drive to the goal line).

Chuckles actually said he was watching it again, just to make sure the ending wasn't different this time.

That's Bengals fans for you. Never lose hope.

For all the other fellow Bengals fans: Tonight is a preseason game against the Lions. It's another chance to watch Carson, TJ and the whole gang of Johnsons.


One final thought:
Always remember it could be worse. We could be Browns fans. I read a story today about 300 people spending a half hour flushing the toilets at their stadium because of some sort of valve issue. I guess If it's Brown, you really should flush it down.

(I am marrying Mr. Brown, so I hope that last comment doesn't affect our plans)

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