Monday, August 20, 2007

Umbrella and Other Random Junk

Everybody's coming out with their own version of Umbrella.

I can't get the song out of my head today, which is quite alright considering the Tri-State area is getting ready for a fierce round of storms.

Here's the original by Rihanna.

This indie version by Scott Simons is really lovely, very romantic.

Mandy Moore's own tune is quite sweet, too.


Piece of Energy.

That's a phrase that was said during the forecast at work today. I love it! I don't know why, I suppose in part because it was a string of words I wasn't expecting to hear during the weather portion of the news.

It's so full of imagery. So descriptive - would be a great band name.

Confession: I'm kind of weird about words and phrases and little literary tricks I hear.
I went back to Columbus this past weekend to see my dear friend, D-Money.

We all rolled out to a fun, hip spot in the Short North Arts District called Spice Bar. On the internet it's described as an exotic, sensual night club, and I would say it lived up to that billing.

Everything was so sexy, the surroundings, the music, the people. It definitely felt more Big City than what you'd typically see in Cowtown.

Denae's brother, GI Yogurt brought up an interesting topic that was previously of some debate in the newsroom.

Hip bars: are they pretentious or just sophisticated?

GI said that's the argument some of his friends made while turning down an offer to come along.

Now, I am a social chameleon. I can roll with the best of them at dive bars, wine bars, dance clubs and alternative watering holes. I pride myself on my versatility, my flexibility, my open nature to experience just about anything.

So I guess I'm not too intimidated if I see turntables and martini glasses at any given establishment.

Now, the-brother-I-never-had-nor-wanted Double Platinum says I like pretentious places. Pretentious implies people are pretending there, and my reply is I don't pretend anything. I just am.

What do you all think?
The school year is here and that means the Junior League is getting in full swing, too. I have really enjoyed my envolvement in this civic minded organization for women. This year I have an interesting role - I'm serving on the the Nominating Committee. This group basically appoints the organization's future board members and committee leaders.

The responsibility is not lost on me. I only hope I can do the role justice.

Saturday morning I was handed a binder with the profiles of some 300 women. These people are attorneys, economists and mothers. They're well traveled, well educated and well versed in the community's charitable needs. These women are native Cincinnatians, transfers and transplants.

Each member of the League brings so many talents to the table, and I am very flattered that I was elected to serve in such an important role for the League.

I am really interested in seeing how this year unfolds.
Ali G Indahouse.

My latest Netflix indulgence. Parts were totally inappropriate. Hilarious. Strange.

I don't know that I would rent it again.

But that Sacha Baron Cohen. He's tasty.

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Denae said...

Katy, you fit in WHEREVER you go. Seriously and if you didn't - you would anyway. You know? That's one of the things I love about you. Can't wait to see you in London and see how we fit in in Amsterdam. woo-hoo.