Sunday, October 28, 2007

So... About That Trip I Went On

I've been a bit distracted with some personal matters ever since I returned from my vacation.

Things have settled down a bit and I finally found the time to post some of my pictures from London and Amsterdam.



Thursday September 27th - Me and D Money at our first of many bar stops in Europe.

One of Europe's many unusual road signs.

Friday September 28th: Heaven is a place where you can eat chocolate stuffed pancakes topped with vanilla ice cream for breakfast.

Covent Garden is about a close as I got to a tourist destination on this visit to London.

Sipping on a Snakebite (cider and blackcurrant cordial) at the Churchill Arms in Notting Hill. We had an hour wait for our table at the Thai restaurant in the back and managed to pass the time quite well in the authentic British pub.

Denae at our table in the enchanted garden-cum-Thai restaurant.

The roast duck curry. It was spicy and it was fabulous.

Saturday September 29th: At The Hummingbird Bakery on Portobello Road in Notting Hill. It's an American style bakery in the heart of one of London's favorite neighbourhoods. The bakery is known for its cupcakes and so we felt compelled to give it a try. The chocolate-on-chocolate version was to die for.

Making sure Cincinnati's Bengal Pride is on display at the Notting Hill tube station.

Denae and her sweetheart, Kingsley. We practically had to jump a quartet of uptight wankers for our cozy corner seat in the bar at Sophie's.

My gorgeous piece of meat. Sophie's Steak House is a very glamorous restaurant in Chelsea - as Kingsley said, "It's the kind of place where you might recognize someone (famous)."

Taking a proper British black cab home after dinner.

Sunday September 30th: At Camden Lock.

The bright colors of Camden. This is the neighborhood where the punks and Amy Winehouse like to frequent. You can see the Doc Marten store on the left, complete with the Union Jack boot.

Denae and me at the Lock 17 restaurant - awaiting our fish and chips.

I assure you it was delicious.

Kingsley manning the fiery grill for our big Send Off dinner. The South African style garlic sausage was delicious.

Sunday night: happy about the adventure yet to come in Amsterdam, but sad to say goodbye to London.

Monday October 1st, at Gatwick: Apparently people around the globe (and international airports) struggle with the spelling of Cincinnati.

Amsterdam - anxious to soak it all in.

One of Amsterdam's many stunning canals.

Americans wouldn't struggle with their weight if they walked and rode their bikes as frequently as their European counterparts.

Denae's tall beer and my short young genever. It tasted more like a new whiskey than it did like a gin.

Tuesday October 2nd: One of Amsterdam's many delft stores. It's expensive - you break it, you buy it!

Denae simultaneously eating a bitterball and shuffling through her camera.

After. I lost counting how many mayonnaise packets I used - I wanted to eat like an authentic Amsterdammer.

Getting ready to conquer the Netherlands' mecca for beer drinkers.

One of the few photos not taken by D or me.

I definitely march to the beat of a different drummer.

How'd that Bengals sticker get there?

The second of two bars inside the Heineken brewery experience.

Only in Europe - free range chickens at one of Amsterdam's many tram stations.

Inside 11. It's apparently one of Amsterdam's hottest clubs/bars, but not so much on a Tuesday night.

Wednesday October 3rd: the back side of the Rijksmuseum and steps away from the Van Gogh museum.

Where else in the world can you sit in a giant wooden shoe?

A parting shot of Baba - our first stop in fair Amsterdam.


The Notorious N.A.T said...

OH I love it! I'm so glad you posted pictures! The genever, the beer, the fries...aaaah soooo much love for the DUTCH! WOOT!

Looks like you girls had a fantastic time, but was there really any doubt that you wouldn't? Next time I'm in fo' shizzle!

Denae said...

the pics are fabulous. planning to download a few of yours and add them to my blog. i miss you and wish we were still on our adventure. reading about our trip completely lifted my mood. we MUST plan another one soon. love, d

Kate The Great said...

Nat- you will def have to come along next time!

D- Glad you like the pics! I miss you so much - glad the blog gave you a boost... Did you dress up for Halloween?