Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wanderlust Whispers

The bags are barely unpacked and this girl is already dreaming of another passport stamp.

Yes, I absolutely enjoyed meandering through the winding roads of Camden, staring at the Manic Panic hairdos and the jet-black goth corsets dangling in the windows. And I am definitely gracious for the opportunity to trip along through the cobbled neighborhoods near the Red Light District, glittering with neon signs and luring storefronts full of sweet and savory delicacies.

But I guess I am one of those people who will always ask Where next?

It doesn't necessarily have to be some whirlwind extravaganza involving Homeland Security checkpoints and Customs forms - I thoroughly enjoy packing a weekend bag and hitting the asphalt for a road trip... especially if some good tunes and great companionship are involved.

But two emails today got the gears in my head turning - crunching numbers and calendar commitments. The first email was in regards to a rock bottom, transatlantic deal out of Columbus.

Air Canada is offering round trip from Ohio's capital to London for less than $300 round trip.

Tickets must be bought by October 31 and travel dates are through December 18th and also between December 24th and March 5th.

Swoon. I'd go to London any day of the week.

I also got an email today about the Oriental Express. I've come to develop some romantic ideas about train travel, and this line certainly is the creme de la creme of railway adventure. The OE brings to mind thoughts of single malt scotch served in cut glass over ice shards directly from the Alps, and maybe a young Connery look-a-like in a smoking jacket, chewing on a nice Cohiba.

My brain plays a soundtrack of La Vie En Rose on accordion and I hear German and Italian accents in the background of my fantasy.

I guess I am always up for an adventure, no matter where it may take me.

I don't really have any idea what my Big Trip will be this coming year, but I've decided to forgo another European visit for something a bit more exotic. Right now I'm exploring South American cities including Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires.

I guess I'd need my passport at those destinations, wouldn't I?

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