Tuesday, October 23, 2007


We go through life every day - smiling, chit-chatting. We exchange pleasantries over cups of coffee at work and we trade recaps at home. We dish up gossip and empathy in our social circles. Millions of conversations pass over dinner tables and office desks and bar stools every day. They are a natural occurance in human life, and we should have them down pat.

But inevitably we avoid what we really want to express.

Whether it be with a hostile loved one or a distant relationship, sometimes its easier to pretend that everything's okay with the Status Quo, all the while the little hamster in our brain is spinning circles over the wouldas-shouldas-couldas.

Because sometimes whispering that one phrase, broaching that one conversation has the potential for ripping open the floodgates of heartache, of aggression, of reality.

I guess that's the challenge relationships pose, isn't it?

Whether they be of a romantic or professional nature - one based on blood or shared experiences - those ties that bind can be fragile, gossamer strands, and a seemingly innocent inquiry or confession can tear those connections apart like a seamstress' stitch ripper.

Good or bad, it takes guts to put your emotions on the table. But that confrontation or confession can have an outcome that wreaks havoc inside you. Your courage can be rewarded with disappointment and regret.

It's true what they say - sometimes ignorance really is bliss.

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