Friday, March 06, 2009

Give Me Back That Filet-o-Fish

I don't make it a habit of showing commercials on my blog.

I mean, I don't make any money off this literary playground - it's just an indulgence for me, and sometimes that indulgence means showing you something that really trips my trigger.

Like this Lenten season McDonald's commercial.

The tune is stuck in my head - and I guess that's exactly what they want as I observe what vestiges of Catholicism I still hold near and dear.


Amy in Ohio said...

I love File O'Fish, it's my favorite-fish-I'm-forced-to-eat-unless-no-one-is-looking-then-I-eat-at-Skyline-on-Fridays-during-lent-fish

liz said...

oh my god. i went to sleep last night with that song in my head and i woke up this morning with that song in my head. i think i may have even dreamed about that damn fish.

Unknown said...

My hubby and my 12yr old daughter will. not. stop. singing. that. song. It is so far embedded in my brain that I may even sing well into my geriatric years! Ha!

Darn them! ;P