Sunday, March 29, 2009

Live Local, Eat Local

It's not easy being green - at least that's what my friend Kermit says.

Jim Henson's muse was talking more about how his was a shade that blended with nature and other ordinary things, thus making it difficult to shine and stand out as an individual. I have a feeling Kermit would argue it isn't that hard being green in the way the more modern connotation implies.

Loving nature's fruits is simple.

A new company is coming to Cincinnati that aims to make it easy for you to enjoy fresh, organic produce and artisan foods from local producers on a weekly basis. Farm Fresh Delivery offers a simple website that allows customers to pick-and-choose what they'd like to include in their weekly order.

Farm Fresh will make its first delivery to Tri-State customers starting April 6, delivering produce and other goods directly to a customer's home or office. Their local delivery area will include Northern Kentucky, Downtown Cincinnati, the East Side, West Side and Tri-County area.

A colleague of mine is a friend of Farm Fresh's founder, and I was really intrigued when he explained the concept to me. I thought some of you all might be interested in it, too.

This forward-minded company doesn't just drop off your favorite Midwest-grown fruits and veggies to your door, Farm Fresh works to ensure other local families are able to put quality food on their tables, too. Farm Fresh started in Indianapolis a year and a half ago, and in that time they've donated seven tons of food to the local food bank. Farm Fresh is working with FreestoreFoodbank to ensure their first delivery of food in Greater Cincinnati can include a one ton delivery of fresh produce to our local foodbank.

Farm Fresh has more than a thousand weekly customers in Indy, a base that was established mostly through word-of-mouth. These customers must appreciate that Farm Fresh doesn't charge a membership fee or require a long term commitment.

I look forward to giving it a try and enjoying all of nature's bounty - whether it be green, red, gold or any other color.


Anonymous said...

This is fantastic news especially for those of us in the burbs who can't get to Findlay each weekend. Krogers better be shaking in it's shoes!

Amy in Ohio said...

Oh wow, this is amazing!

FoodHussy said...

I love the idea - not sure I'll use it though - I like going to the farmers market in my neighborhood. I'd like to see what kind of things they put in. Might be worth it if they're more unique than tomatoes, green beans, etc...

Jay said...

I was just talking about this sort of service with a friend in Chicago who does it last week - how exciting! I'm really going to think about this...