Monday, February 08, 2010

Bibbity Bobbity Boo

I am so glad I'm not Cinderella.

As the story goes, I'm fine with her lap of luxury-turned-hard knock life. Ditto, even, with the wretched stepsisters and hideous, master manipulator stepmother. And I think (though they may be extremely painful at times) I could even tolerate the glass slippers.

No, my big problem would be the whole midnight curfew deal.

What fun is wrapping up a good night out at the strike of twelve? Everybody knows the really crazy shit goes down at White Castle after the bars close.

But I digress.

Whether you are a fan of Prince Charming's dashing good looks or the bad ass way Cinderella wields a broom, you can get your fix of the classic Once upon a time fairy this weekend.

The Cincinnati Ballet is dusting off its glass ballet slippers (aside: I wonder if strippers are the symbolism for the modern day Cinderella...) and unleashing the ugly step sisters starting Friday evening at the Aronoff.

The Corps De Ballet and crew hit the stage Friday evening at 8 pm, Saturday at 2 pm and 8 pm, and Sunday at 2 pm. Click the link above for more information on the show and to purchase tickets.
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Maybe you're not in to fairy tales. Maybe you like something a little more saucy.

I have just the thing...

The Bacchanalian Society is flinging open the doors once again to one of Cincinnati's hottest parties of the year.

Now, I know lots of people throw that adjective around, but Krewe really delivers (note: you'll have to enter the password "krewe10" on that page to enter).

Last year's inaugural event turned the old Maisonette digs into a swanky, Bourbon Street lounge complete with belly dancers, sword swallowers and limitless Hurricanes (well, the bar actually ran out of Hurricanes, but here's to hoping that issue is fixed this time around).

The Black Tie-encouraged evening brings out some of the most sparkling ensems this side of the Left Coast, ditto for feathers, beads and other glittery accessories.

As is tradition for this hopefully annual event, the location has not yet been announced, but one of my dear friends is helping to plan it and gave me some clues as to this year's soirée whereabouts.

I am thinking the sky's the limit for this year's fête.

Note, that is the clue I'm offering you.

Tickets are $55 a person (and includes top shelf open bar, live music and debauchery a plenty).

See you there!

(Photo Credit: Mandira Jacob)

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Anonymous said...

Awesome, Kate. Thanks for promoting the Cincinnati Ballet. After seeing parts of the production at Ballet & Beer, I cannot wait until this Friday! The Cincinnati Ballet dancers are an amazing group of that are not only extremely talented but kind and humble. It has been an honor to hang out with them each month.

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Kate, I love your stuff! I am probably old enough to be your mother and I write a gardening blog - go figure!

You are timeless, sounds like me 30years ago. Love your foodies and the descriptions!