Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Day 2

The Landor 110

My sketch:

My senses are really unenthused today. They haven't had to summon on their creativity, and for that, I feel a bit stagnant. I'm pushing to power through it, but this underscores my feeling that I need creative endeavors and opportunities to write creatively to encourage productivity.

In many facets of my life, I feel like I'm stuck in a rut. Certainly where blogging is concerned. Sometimes personally and professionally. I am desperate to find that spark that motivates me to move mountains and make music.

A pretty good photo where symbolism is concerned. Sometimes I feel boxed in, desperate to see any glimpse of something beyond. Those brown walls need some jazzy wall covering or something.

This is the idea that gets me through the days, as of late. I haven't had a vacation since January. If I can hold out until May, I will be rewarded by the many wonders of India.

Beneath the surface of this restless, under stimulated skin, I can barely contain myself.

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Anonymous said...

You may feel stuck, but to an outsider looking in, I see a lot of creativity in your sketches! How about remembering when you were a little kid and thinking about what you loved to do? You might dig up some unexpected inspiration. Or as Penelope Trunk said, "Everyone has periods of feeling lost. If you don't feel lost you're not going anywhere. So you should be really happy if you are feeling lost."