Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Eat Me

A diner is a diner is a diner. Except for when it's not.

And that's probably true for the new diner coming to The Banks on Cincinnati's riverfront.

I've started regularly walking from OtR to the river, sometimes taking pictures of bridges and other times just crossing them. It was on one of these such walks on Sunday evening when I noticed a big, splashy sign advertising Huey's Diner 24/7 at the Banks.

I haven't heard much about Huey's arrival in Cincinnati, so I figured some of you probably didn't know it was on its way, either.

A New Orleans original, the offerings of shrimp etouffee and jambalaya sound quite different from the Greek leaning menu I recall enjoying at diners up and down the East Coast.

When I was in high school and college, my friends and I would stop by the Guilford Diner on Route 1 and nosh on moussaka and baklava. A plate of late night greasy food always hits the spot after a night on the town, and the diner was where we found our salvation.

Looks like Huey's will offer the same to folks frequenting watering holes along the riverfront (don't worry - you'll be able to get the requisite burger and fries, too).

Open every hour of the day, New York Magazine has a brief write up that indicates the diner features an art deco look and "quick-fire comfort food."

The diner aims to have an August opening, according to this story from Channel 5.

Huey's has other locations in Phoenix, Nashville, Tampa, Minneapolis and a new outpost in New Orleans.

Don't know if it will trump my other late night mainstays (Hello, Mama), but considering Cincinnati doesn't have a ton of 24/7 options, Huey's is a welcome addition.

See you on the riverfront!

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