Saturday, June 11, 2011

Go Back Where You Came From

I honestly never thought I'd hear someone say that to me in my neighborhood.

"Go back where you came from."

I happened to catch the man in my frame while I was shooting the backside of the old paint supply store on Vine Street. I think it shows his middle fingers flying high.

I initiated the conversation. I said, "Hi there, how are you?" It was delivered with an earnest kindness. I was trying to be friendly. A good neighbor.

And that's when he said, "I don't associate with your kind. Go back where you came from."

Where I come from is a complicated story.

Do you want to know about how I was born in Charlotte, North Carolina, and have lived in four other state since my birth?

Do you want to know about the opposing dynamics involving my two family lines?

Do you want to know the personal journey of growth I've experienced the past seven years?

I didn't say the simple answer. "I came from Walnut Street. I live here," is what I should have said.

Instead, I felt a twinge of hurt and disappointment.

We can't win 'em all.

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Tony B said...

I feel no matter the neighborhood you'll have that. There's the bs in green township and what you experienced the same issue from two pov's.
I lived in otr from 98 to 99 and got to hear my family complain while I was catching crap on the street level.
It's a weird balance and you just have to hold on.

Chad said...

This is too bad. I walk every morning with my daughter from Vine to Main to get coffee before school (for me, not her!). Everyone we have encountered (even my wife. On Mother's Day random strangers were wishing her Happy Mother's Day)has been very friendly. This guy was either 1) Drunk or 2) Just a (insert expletive).

Robin Feltner said...

Keep trying. Some people are more difficult than others. He'll come around.