Tuesday, June 28, 2011

You Dropped The Bomb On Me, Baby

Cincinnati's BombShells have knitted another web of intrigue.

If you haven't been following along, the BombShells are this covert group of sassy gals who are blanketing the Queen City in the latest counter culture craze, yarn bombing.

I decided to walk home from work this afternoon and noticed their beautiful handiwork gracing several parking meters and the entry to HighStreet on Reading Rd.

Yarn bombing is similar to street graffiti in some respects. It brings unexpected art to the urban setting, complete with little tags left behind by the artists. These pieces clearly belong to the BombShell who goes by the name "Sushi Girl."

What I love about yarn bombing, other than the kick ass moxie demonstrated by this band of BombShells, is that it brings the soft, homey art of textiles to an unexpected, gritty environment.

Yarn bombing is kind of like wrapping up your favorite neighborhood block with one of the most beautiful blankets Grandma ever made.

I've got a pile of yarn skeins and needles - bamboo, thick aluminum, the circular kind - and am somewhat inspired by these ladies to pick up my needles and crack open my copy of Stitch n' Bitch.

Last week the BombShells released an awesome video highlighting their first assault on Downtown Cincinnati - Dressing up Presidents Garfield and Harrison.

My sources at Channel 12 tell me they're doing a story on the Cincinnati yarn bombing phenomenon tonight at 11 pm. Can't wait to see it!

Knit on, ladies! Art is everywhere.

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whit said...

I saw this in front of HighStreet on my way to work today! It made my morning. It was surprise touch of warm and fuzzy among gritty surroundings. this is more exciting than Bansky !!!!

Susan Ward said...

I heard there is a Knit Bombing class in Cincinnati on 9/19???
Trying to find some info on this fun project:)