Friday, September 14, 2012

Shape Shifter

This is the story of a girl who lost 35 pounds - and gained it all back - in one year.

I've been wanting to blog about this for a while, but I haven't had the courage or the words, and I've also struggled with being honest with myself.

But today is a new day, and with it, opportunity for new changes.

Let's go back to just over a year ago. Last summer I was inspired to start running after a trip to India. I started slowly, using the popular Couch to 5K (C25K) program (aside: the Chubby Jones podcasts are my favorite music/audio program aid), which coached me to run a constant 30 minutes (or about three miles, depending on pace) by the end of nine weeks.

I loved the running. I loved the natural high, I loved the opportunity to hit the pavement and see Downtown Cincinnati's beauty early in the morning. I loved the energy it gave me.

And so, when my best gal pal Bluegrass Brit asked me to run a half marathon with her, I couldn't say no.

I pushed through the training, and by December (Christmas Eve, to be exact), I found myself running nine miles straight - no walking, no breaks.

My body was thinner, my legs were toned. Everywhere I went, people gushed with compliments about how great I looked.

And as someone who has always battled her weight, those compliments were much appreciated, and helped fuel my commitment to running.

January 2012 arrived, and with it, my trip to San Diego for my first ever half marathon. I ran the whole Carlsbad Half Marathon with no walking (okay, maybe a quarter to half mile, but that was it), and I even shot and uploaded videos along the way.

I was a running beast.

After Carlsbad, I got complacent and arrogant. I think there was even a time where I thought to myself, "Hell, I don't get out of bed to run anything less than four miles."

And so sometimes, I didn't get out of bed.

Bluegrass Brit and I went on to run the Run the Bluegrass half marathon in March. I'd already stopped my intense training, and so the course and its 36 hills proved difficult for my stride.

I walked a bit and tacked on 15 minutes to my time.

And when I ran the Flying Pig half marathon in May, I walked even more, but I finished. 13 miles is never easy, regardless of whether you're running or walking.

About the same time, I met a wonderful man, and we started dating. I got comfortable. I was swept up in the romance and excitement of a new relationship.

I got fat and happy.

So here I am, on September 14, almost a year later and about 20 pounds heavier than this girl in the red dress.

And I'm deciding to turn this bus around.

I've returned to C25K and the Chubby Jones podcast. I know the running will help me shed the pounds quickly. But I also have a new partner in this quest: the YMCA of Greater Cincinnati.

Some of my blogger lady-friends and I are heading to the Y to get healthy, take advantage of some of their wellness programs, and reclaim our fitter selves. My partners are:

Over the next few months, we'll be sharing our experiences with getting healthy, discoveries about the Y's amenities and other details regarding wellness. You can check out our blogs for our progress, or follow along on Twitter (hashtag: #WhytheY).

Today I had my first meeting with Mona, the personal trainer at the Central Parkway branch, and I'm really excited about the potential for a more comprehensive health program.

This time around, it's not just about running. It's about resistance training and healthy eating, too.

And this time I'm gonna lose 50 pounds. 

Disclosure: The YMCA of Greater Cincinnati is a client of mine, and they've provided me (and the other listed bloggers) with an opportunity to experience the Y for an extended period of time.  

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Unknown said...

Awesome!! You can do it.

The best quote I've ever heard from someone learning healthy eating habits was this, "When I realized that NOT eating *insert unhealthy food here* was easier than adding an extra workout session, I completely changed my habits."

Unknown said...

go girls go!!

April said...

Way to go! You should check out the 6am spin class every Monday at the Central Y. I'm usually the only girl in the class so it would be nice to have some more girl power! The instructor is AWESOME, and plays kick ass music. (Disclaimer: she's also my bff, but I'd still say that!)