Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Why Not?

Some people don't know what they don't know.

But some of us are quite familiar with the boundaries of our knowledge. I know what I know, and I have a pretty good understanding of what I don't know.

And when it comes to exercise and good health, even if I know something, it doesn't mean I'm going to follow through.

It's simple math: you have to burn more calories than your intake to lose weight. And that's where my revived, new-and-improved exercise regime comes in.

I've now completed two workouts with the ActiveTrax program at the Central Parkway YMCA. The Y's personal trainer, Mona, worked with me to determine my boundaries through a strength test, and then we talked about my workout needs.

While I've gained some weight in the past few months, my lower body is still really muscular from my race training and the three half-marathons I ran this year. Mona and I both agreed I should begin a "strengthening" program to enhance the muscle mass I've already built. Other ActiveTrax users can try "weight loss & tone" or other programs to help them achieve their personal goals.

ActiveTrax provides you with a unique log in and password so you can privately access your specially designed workouts, your weight loss stats and other information that highlights your progress with the program.

Upon logging in, participants receive a printout that details which exercises you should perform on a given day, including assigned weight, reps and sets, targeting different areas of your body (back, arms, legs, whole body, etc.). There are explainer videos and descriptions if you're not familiar with the exercises assigned to you in a given workout.

The program typically calls for 10 minutes of cardio warm up (the elliptical is my preferred machine), and then you circuit through eight or 10 machines or free weight exercises. The entire workout is followed by some core strengthening mat work.

I know that I am a novice when it comes to weights. Running - I've got it down pat. But weights intimidate me and make me concerned about technique and potential injuries.

I like ActiveTrax because it creates a plan that is designed with my body in mind, ensuring I can complete the assigned exercises without fear of injury.

This morning, I embarked on my second week of Couch to 5K, and I know this time around, my body will be in better shape because I'm pairing the running with resistance training.

Strong muscles, stronger running plan, stronger body.

Why not?

The YMCA of Greater Cincinnati is a client of mine and has provided me with a three-month trial membership to experience its facilities. Several Cincinnati-area bloggers are blogging and tweeting about the Y; you can follow along with the hashtag #WhytheY.

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