Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tomorrow Isn't Guaranteed

The hiss of morning had just begun to give off steam.

Eleven years ago today, husbands kissed their wives and children goodbye, hot coffee in hand and newspapers under their arm as they shuffled off to work. Mothers chastised children to brush their teeth and braided neat rows of hair for their little girls. Young lovers stole early morning embraces before departing for the day's business.

Nearly three thousand people unknowingly said their final goodbyes that Tuesday morning. Hugging loved ones as they set off for a grim destiny.

Tragedy is not a word to toss around lightly, and yet the anguish our country experienced that morning can barely be defined by words.

September 11th is but one monstrous heartbreak. It is a reminder of our greatest fears, our greatest courage. It is on that day we not only pay our respects to those who lost their lives, but those who heroically served to save so many.

Ensuring many mothers and fathers saw another morning to kiss their children, that lovers saw another night to tightly hold each other while drifting off to sleep.

Moments of grief and sadness remind me that life is, indeed, fleeting. We're not guaranteed another day to tell loved ones how much they mean to us.

You can't always bank on "later" to live out your hopes and dreams.

As much as we plan for tomorrow - or next month, next year, the next decade - our future is never certain.

Make today count.

Don't live with regret.

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