Monday, September 03, 2012

The Bonds That Break

What sparks your interest in someone?

For some, it's a set of sparkling eyes. Some women are attracted to the tenor in a man's voice. And still others adore a warm and friendly grin.

I like all those qualities, sure, but I'm really intrigued by something you can't see, but rather something you smell.


There's something primal and powerful about breathing deeply while enjoying a warm embrace and letting an entire feeling wash over you, all inspired by the sense of smell.

I can think back to my dating past and recall the different fragrances worn by ex-boyfriends. A breezy pass through the men's cologne section in a department store and I will be instantly whisked back to 2003 and a romance of long ago - all because of a Ralph Lauren cologne.

But I digress.

The BF and I have been experimenting with different Bond No. 9 fragrance samples lately (I picked up their summery Coney Island scent in January and have been hooked on the line ever since) and decided to head to Saks to pick up a couple bottles for each of us.

Many of the Bond scents are unisex, each with tones that can cross over between male and female quite nicely. The BF went with Washington Square, a commanding scent with notes of purple rose, tarragon, Indian vetiver and leather. (50 ml - $180 or 100 ml - $240)

Initially, I'd planned on holding off on buying a fragrance, wanting to wait until the weather cooled a bit before I bought the autumnal Andy Warhol Lexington Avenue. It's spicy - with peony, patchouli, sandalwood, cardamom, almonds, and notes of creme brulee. (50 ml - $160 or 100 ml - $230)

But Edward at the Bond counter told me the fragrance brand has lost its licensing agreement with the Andy Warhol estate, and that all of the Warhol fragrances were being discontinued. The Downtown Cincinnati Saks was out of the smaller Lexington Ave. so I decided to bite the bullet and go with the bigger version.

It's a fragrance I can see wearing well into next spring, so that softened the sting of the price tag.

Fashionistas - rush to the nearest Saks to get your favorite Bond No. 9/Warhol fragrances. And if you're not familiar with the collection, feel free to stop by the counter, sniff and spray away, and ask for a sample or two. The Bond folks are very generous with samples and want to make sure you really like something before you plunk down for one of their starry-shaped bottles.


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