Thursday, July 28, 2005

Baked Apples

So I've made our reservations for Vegas.

The girls and I will be staying at Caesar's in a "Deluxe Tower Guest Room" oooh for a weekend next month. I told Micah a big draw for our choice (which included The Luxor, Paris, New York New York) was the topless sunbathing. My friends from college and a few years after know I have a bit of an exhibitionist streak in me.

I guess it's a little hungry.

I'm trying to whore out my media connections to try and score a few free club entries, but we'll see how successful that is. My friends and I didn't wait in one line or pay cover at any bars last year because of my tv ties, hopefully this year is more of the same.

Sometimes you just gotta pimp.
*I got some of that magic serum to boost my DSLs. It's basically an ultra tingly lip gloss that boosts the blood flow beneath the surface of my pucker. I don't know that it would be a good idea to wear said gloss when committing one of those sex acts that's illegal in 13 states including Alabama and South Carolina. And to think, the sheep there run scared.

(Speaking of animal sex, this story was posted on the bulletin board at work. Us TV people love news of the weird, don't we? Gross. Aren't people in Seattle appropriately stimulated by all the Starbucks' around town?)

*My ghetto window is still broken. I think it adds to the classy appeal of my peeling paint job and smashed up grill. Honestly, it's just not a priority on my list of Things to Care About. There's something kind of liberating having a junked up car that's paid off. I'm sure things will change when I get my new wheels.

*Three weeks after mutually ignoring each other, Ground Chuck has taken a renewed interest in me. D-Money says the cold shoulder is killing him, I am wondering whether he lonely at night. Whatever. This guy is another one of those with a serious case of the Peter Pan Syndrome.

*I have joined the legions of singletons on E Harmony. Don't know how successful it will be, but it cost me all of 50 bucks, so I guess it's worth a try. Next time I'm just going to buy a really great vibrator.

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