Thursday, July 07, 2005

Hef, Is That You?

So, I am pretty addicted to my Stat Counter.

Like lots of bloggers, I use it to keep track of just who visits my little mental playground. Sometimes I see random folks from places ranging from Houston to Iran stopping by (I feel like I should draw little burqas on my pictures) and other times I see people crashing the party through other bloggers who link to me.

I remember when somebody from the Virginia attorney general's office stopped by. He sent me an e-mail encouraging my little rants (God knows why). And then there was the nice guy from Vera Bradley who was so happy I had a link up that he sent me a cute bag (it's holding up beautifully).

Well, tonight I was totally bowled over when I noticed somebody from the hallowed halls of Playboy checked in.

Yes, as in that Playboy.

I don't know how they got here, because Stat Counter didn't provide a referral link, but whomever it was spent a whole 32 seconds looking at my blog likely while sitting in their Chicago office.

Now, I'm a bit surprised because I don't have any scandalous pictures (at least not any posted here), but I suppose my blog is a good glance at the inner workings of a chick's mind.

Smart, scattered, clever, sexy and yet all very self-depricating at the same time.

Maybe the mag needs to know a little bit about the, uh, inside of a woman.

Oh, and Hef? If you want me to post any of those pics, I've got an email address you can find on the blog.


Micah said...

It is interesting to see how people wander into your blog.

And I must say that Hef is my hero. Really. If you're back reading this, do you need a lackey? Will work for hot women with loose morals.

Michael Hickerson said...

So, when you will be featured in the Girls of Blogging pictorial? LOL