Monday, July 25, 2005

Now Showing

What's been in and out of my DVD player the last four days:

About Schmidt- Great flick. I like how it makes a statement on a man's regret and loneliness once he discovers he's spent a life completely devoid of any personal connection with his loved ones.
And you've got to give Kathy Bates props for getting buck naked in her 60s.

Master And Commander : The Far Side of The World- Loved the blond on Russell Crowe, but it took forever for them to make it to land. And Paul Bettany? He looked pretty good with the brown hair. All in all, I think the movie would have been better on the big screen.

Anger Management- The movie was alright. I liked the Bobby Knight/John McEnroe cameos but other then that, well, I don't know. It was kind of lame. And they should have had Rob Schneider yell "You can do it" at the baseball game instead of Giuliani.

Kill Bill: Vol 2- Oh how I loved this flick. You all know my fascination with girls who kick ass. I love all of QT's flicks, and this one totally lives up to the expectations. And I was glad Uma got the girl in the end (her little girl, guys.)

The Ladykillers- Kind of funny. It was nice to see Hanks play someone other than The Nice Guy Stuck In The Middle of Some Drama.


Michael Hickerson said...

I enjoyed the Ladykillers a good was a decent enough movie.

Micah said...

Anger Management suck-diddly-ucked. I had high expectations, what with Adam AND Jack co-starring in a movie. But...what a stinker (thought the lesbians were nice).

I liked About Schmidt a great deal, even though I found it quite depressing. You can give KB all the mad props you want for getting nekkid, but you also can recoil in terror when you actually see it.

And The Ladykillers was one of my faves last year. I guess it's the Southern dandy in me.