Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Jelly Shoes and Burples

So I've been combing through my memories for the little nuggets I loved about the 80s.

All things jelly would have to be at the top of that list. Shoes, bracelets, it didn't matter. If it was day-glo and some kind of plastic, I definitely had it. Other favorite clothing options: Jams, stonewashed jeans, Guess jeans with the little ankle zippers and those plastic chain charm necklaces.

I also was a big fan of lots of 80s foods. Remember Burples? They were like the pioneer of all those portable beverages. Think accordion container filled with powder on the bottom. Add water, shake, and you had basically a hip version of Kool Aid. Grape was my favorite.

And how can you forget Capri Suns? Can't believe they're still around. My mom would never buy them for me because she said it was a waste of money and it was bad for me.

I also was a big fan of Koosh balls and Four Square. We had this teacher at my elementary school, Mr. Mirus. His Four Square rules became legendary around the Cincinnati area. I remember playing two square with my middle sister and having some knock-down-drag-outs over boundary lines and other nitpicky rules.

You should see the scars her dagger-like finger nails left behind on my arms.

Anyway. Check this site out if you feel like reliving the old days. Well, at least the days that aren't so bloody.


Michael Hickerson said...

My little sister was really into the jelly shoes and bracelets as well...

Sheriff Liz said...

So your mom bought you the burples but not the capri sun? I believe they both fell in the same catergory.
I always wanted to have the baby burples to put in my lunch but alas, my mother would never get them for me either stating the same reason your mom did.

Unknown said...

Jelly shoes..wat that mean..is it any branded shoes or wat?

Celia Pleete said...

I wasn't allowed Burples, Capri Suns OR jelly shoes...but I managed to get a hold of them contraband anyway. LOL!

Unknown said...

I was just googling Burples to see if I was crazy, as no one I know remembers them.
I too was never allowed Capri Sun, for the same reasons. Though, Burples flowed freely around my block. I'm glad I'm not crazy.