Monday, March 20, 2006

I'll Beat You With My Walker, B*tch

I don't normally like to post about where I work.

That's because I have very few complaints about where I work. Plus, I know I have a bit of a readership at the office, so I make a conscious decision to keep work out of the blog. It's just better that way.

But not today.

I was inspired to comment after seeing tonight's security officer at work.

Normally we have a security guard who kicks ass. Kelvina is cheery and enthusiastic, despite the exhausting graveyard shift hours. She even sings us the "Happy Friday" song in the newsroom... about 15 minutes before we go to air. Sometimes it's a pretty straight forward version of a Stevie Wonder song, other times she doctors it up with trills and bellows straight out of a Sunday Meetin' At The Gospel Church.

Kelvina has a way of putting a smile on your face, and I'm pretty sure she could kick some serious ass if any riff-raff tried to make it past the lobby.

Well, she must have been sick tonight, because we had another woman working the front desk, and my immediate thought was whether this lady was going to need any physical assistance when walking the property for her nightly checks.

The guard is very heavyset, and I think she's pushing more than 60, so I firmly believe if we had some whackjob trying to make it past the newsroom door to take over our airwaves (anyone ever seen Airheads?), we'd all be left to fend for ourselves.

Good thing I know how to make a great Knuckle Sandwich.


Micah said...

No one that's seen Airheads would admit. No one.

Okay, I have. But it was purely for the Buscemi.

olr said...

True dat, double true. I thought that myself walking out sunday night...

Anonymous said...

Kelvina is great but the long version of "Happy Friday" gets a bit annoying when you have 2 fires, shootings in O-T-R and a crack head jumping off the Big Mac.