Thursday, March 02, 2006

Why I Do It

Someone asked me recently why I speak so frankly about my personal life on this blog.

I talk about my deep thoughts, personal confessions and other reflections in a pretty forthcoming manner, and I really don't give a passing thought to what kind of judgment my reader will bestow on me.

I think this lil' ol' blog is more of a cathartic thing. I get out all my ya-yas in a place where, if someone feels so inclined, they can call me on the carpet (or give me a high five, depending on the topic.)

I think it's a bit voyeuristic too, having just random Joe Schmo out there reading things about my life. I guess I kind of like the thought that I've made my Grand Confession to the world via Blogger. I also am a bit amused with the idea that I could really meet people via My Random Musings. Anyone who stumbles across this blog gets the real me. There's nothing hidden, no secret agenda, so I guess there's a chance someday someone's gonna read this and like what they're learning about me.

Not necessarily in a romantic sense. Even if I meet a fun group of people to grab margaritas with, that would make me blissfully happy.

I also like that having a blog makes me disciplined about writing. Sometimes I do it every day, sometimes once a week. Sometimes it's admittedly pure drivel. Other times I think I crank out something amusing, soul baring or thought provoking.

Sometimes I write a really great sentence that I think deserves to see the light of day.

I guess for me, having a blog fulfills a greater need than just sitting in a Starbucks with my grande/nonfat/sugar free vanilla/latte with some kind of journal and a pen. Besides, I'm left handed, and this much writing would leave a whole bunch of yucky ink on the side of my hand.

That's why I do it.

I don't use this as a venue to write about how wonderful I am, or how clever, or how needy or how (fill in the blank here) I am.

I write about the good, the bad and the ugly, and I think I like every inch of it.


NB-C said...

Love it! I enjoy reading your "Random Musings" and it has given me greater insight on you and reconnected me with a friend from the past. It's addictive!

The Notorious N.A.T said...

That is funny that you blogged about this...I too have had a lot of people ask how I can just put it all out there in a public forum, but I agree...It's cathartic. It definitely is a high five, a slap, and a way to communicate and keep up with friends, new and old.