Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Laissez les bon temps roulez!

Fat Tuesday, and I am feeling fat, yo.

The party was awesome Saturday night. The turnout was great, the mood was light and the bar was stocked. Who can complain about any of that? I think the last guest (Irish, by the way) left maybe around 4:30 am or so (with the exception of the person who passed out in my bed because driving was not an option). My apartment is still trashed.

We had tons of food and I still have tons of alcohol left (party at my place this weekend?). No suck and blow this time. Instead we all went around the room with a book of questions I have (If you could kill an innocent person and save the world from hunger, and not get caught for your crime, would you do it?) Then we moved on to the infamous game of I Never. It's nice to see I wasn't the only person at the party who had spent a night in jail.

The Girl With The Rockin' Bod found the Baby Jesus inside the King Cake, so she went home with a bottle of wine, some bath salts and and a funny swag gag gift from Sunny Delight courtesy of another producer at my station.

Some of the feedback leads me to believe the party was a success. As long as everyone goes home full and happy, I'm pleased.

Well. As much as can be expected considering some extenuating circumstances.


The Notorious N.A.T said...

I really love a good party. It's so satisfying. I love going to them and throwing them equally. People just don't have parties anymore. Sad. I wish I could have come :(

Micah said...

I'm sorry that I couldn't make it. Sounds like it was fun. But the question begs: did my music turn the party out?

Kate The Great said...

Nat, I wish you could have been there too. The party would have been awesome to have two wild and crazy girls.

Micah. The music was off da hook. My all time favorite song on the discs was 50 Inch Nails (the Closer/In Da Club mix). I think my favorite songs ever are creative covers (also liked Cake's I Will Survive) and got mixes.

Thanks for the thoughtful compilations. I really think DJ Linus needs to be revived...

Micah said...

Good to hear. Yeah, that Fitty/NIN mash-up has always been a party starter.

Twist my arm and I'll come out of retirement and load my car up with speakers, turntables, etc.