Thursday, February 02, 2006

Apparently The Religious Types Are Trolling, Too

email du jour out of Kate's inbox

info....I see you're maybe 1-2% of all Catholic women in this service who (are smart enough to ) desire only a Catholic guy...good goin'...we all want love..but we want peace of mind too...consider also or my fave (but they're too far away..many of the fine prospects....) can look at it if you id is and password is xxxxxx I'm afraid with your fine curves you might be attracting the wrong type of guys in this service...half of them probably married or taken. . . ....hope you find a good one!!You know in dating true Catholic women who are divorced/annulled and in their 30's, 40's, 50's..the BIGGEST lament I've received fm them is that they were misguided enough to marry either a non-Catholic...or worse yet..a bad catholic....(who contracepts/fornicates/aborts/into porn big time/skips Sunday Mass/generally dissents fm Church a Ted Kennedy or Kerry also)..this caused them so much anxiety and lack of peace of mind...but you're smart enough not to make this mistake..good goin!! Somebody raised you right!!God bless ya.bob


NB-C said...

I swear, those crazy Catholics are everywhere! :) I hope you didn't "wink" at him....

Micah said...

Interesting. If the whole thing doesn't work out, you can always hit the libertarian dating site.

I stumbled upon it a year or two ago and THE girl (yes, singular) was kinda cute. I'll have to see the number of females on there have increased since my last visit.