Thursday, February 09, 2006

Bourbon Street Zydeco

I am really in a good-time-charlie kind of mood.

I think all the healthy food I'm eating and all the exercise I'm getting is starting to seep into my brain. Those endorphins and upbeat vitamins are bouncing around in this 5'8" body of mine, and it's starting to really have an effect on my disposition.

I've always been a positive person. Well, I shouldn't say always. But several, several things have led to a change in my attitude within the past couple years. These days D Money says I'm always full of faith and optimism, and well, I think this diet is really making my happy place work overtime.

So I'm having a party.

I am thick in the midst of planning a big Mardi Gras bash, complete with Hurricanes, jambalya and beads. This weekend I want to look for some good Zydeco music to get everyone in the mood for the festivities... cause there's nothin' like some good tunage to Let The Good Times Roll. I'm even going to offer a prize for whomever gets the Baby Jesus out of the King Cake.

Of course, I won't be eating any of that sugary hell, but I'm happy to have it for everyone else.

Have any ideas to help me have a great bash?

No nudity allowed... that's strictly reserved for Bourbon Street.


The Notorious N.A.T said...

But Kate, nudity makes for the best stories!

Anonymous said...

Show your T**s!

Kate The Great said...

Oh anon. If you knew me back in the day, then you know how easily I was swayed by that chant as a co-ed. Innocent people are so easily swayed by the yelping of a manic crowd ;)

Micah said...

Still undecided (sorry), but if you need music, all you have to do is ask.