Friday, February 10, 2006

For Insecure Men Everywhere

This was the hilarious subject of one of my favorite daily emails.

Daily Candy is shining the spotlight on a product for your less endowed conquests. Huge Brand offers condoms that can give any guy an inflated ego. They're emblazoned with the word HUGE across the box, but inside you'll find some protection that even the most, uh, challenged man can use.

I don't really want to rat myself out on this one, but I know there are some men who could benefit from this out there.

Daily Candy says:
Choose from the Nightcap (a pack of three), the Weekender (twelve), and the Extended Stay (thirty-six), depending on your plans (and stamina). Each comes with the word “HUGE” printed in suitably ginormous lettering so all who see it know just what they’re dealing with.

Big deal...

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