Friday, February 03, 2006

Random Friday Drivel

I'm looking forward to later today, when I jet off to Athens, Ohio to see my youngest sister.

The Mixster Monster is a freshman at Ohio U. and a prettier, smaller version of me. My mom calls us "The Bookends" because there are ten years between us, with another sister in between.

My sister is in a sorority and from what it sounds like, the Belle of the Ball, so to speak. Lots of boys calling/asking out. I'm looking forward to being the "Big Sister" hanging out with her at the frat parties. Yeah, her um 24 year old sister. Riiiiight.


Here I'm discussing my latest accomplishment. I'm really proud of my 12.2 pounds down after four weeks of hard work.

I'm thinking I'll probably be able to reach my 50 lbs lost by August 5th for Vegas goal.


I saw Walk the Line yesterday. Great flick. Joaquin Phoenix could flip my car any day.


Things I'm signing up for in the next few weeks:
Cincinnati Junior League
Cooking Classes
Belly Dancing

Yeah, the guys are really missing out here.

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