Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Date

I'm still on a high after Saturday night.

We met in the parking lot at the art museum. I was so excited on the way there... I could feel the jitters racing through my veins, leading to little synaptic moments of disconbobulation and jerky driving maneuvers.

It was one of those dates where you kind of gnaw your fingernails off while trying to decide what to wear. The low heels? I don't know how tall he is. Is the black V-neck wrap top too revealing? I don't want to dress like a school marm, and I want to accentuate a bit of the positive.

The hair was swept up in a nice up-do and I had Burberry Brit on all my pulse points. I was ready to go.

I finally made it to the lot and John got out of his car and approached me, hand outstretched and ready to shake. I opted to catch him off guard with a hug. What can I say... I'm a hug kind of girl. At least on dates.

I decided to trust the guy (I figured I could take him if the situation warranted a scuffle) and got in his car. We headed into Mt. Adams and cruised around as I tossed out some options for dinner. We made it to Porkopolis (former Rookwood Pottery restaurant. Review: Nice atmosphere, good food. I'd go again.) and immediately the conversation flowed. He's funny, he's animated and he's handsome. I was happy to have such a great dinner companion.

At one point in the dinner, I decided to get down to brass tacks (I was inspired by a recent episode of Dr. Phil. Lame, I know, but whatever. It worked) and ask John THE question. Why are you still single? He's got a great resume: 32. Single. Attractive. Good job. Well mannered. I could go on and on, and so I wondered why he was sans wife.

I liked his answer: he hasn't found the right person. That means he's not afraid of the idea of commitment.


After dinner we headed back up The Hill to go hear some live music. I was really touched when he grabbed my hand as we were walking up Guido Street. We made it to Longworth's and settled on a table that would give us a chance to talk. When I had my hands resting on the table and he put one of his on top. I really liked where this was going. Little bits of contact indicating a connection.

We played a couple rounds of pool and I couldn't help but admire his look. He's a couple inches taller than I am, dark brown hair and brown eyes, fair skin. John was dressed to a T as well, and I was soo thrilled about that, considering I have dating nightmares involving Member's Only jackets.

My favorite part is that this guy seems to have a good heart. He's Catholic and his faith is very important to him. Like me, John's been involved in some bible studies in the area (most of my best friends are from a group in Lexington). He's the oldest of three like me. He's left handed like me (okay, I know that's not a reason to start a relationship with someone). John appears very family oriented, something that's important to me.

Let's face it, I want the picket fence, the three kids, the Volvo station wagon. I want to go to soccer games on the weekends and make Mickey Mouse pancakes for the fam before church on Sundays. I think John wants some of the same things.

At one point we were standing very closely in the bar, his arm around me, when he planted a big kiss on me. It was exciting and yet comfortable. Not nervous. Not threatening. Not overly assuming.

Later, John told me he really wanted to call me again. I hope he does, because there's something about this guy that makes me want to get to know him better.


The Notorious N.A.T said...

OK, picture me sitting here with a big smile on my face and clapping my hands because this is just happy! Yay, John! Redeem all those shmucks out there!

You go girl...

NB-C said...

I am smiling as well...don't forget to breathe....keep us posted!

olr said...

hell yeah...
lefties unite...
kick butt girl!

Micah said...

Awesome news. Does he have a sister (preferably in VA)? :)

Me! said...

He sounds really great Kate. Sounds like a very good first online dating experience. :-) See!

Anonymous said...

The black v-neck is obviously not too revealing. Way to go, Kate!