Monday, April 03, 2006


More details on the date to come (I need some time to post about this one).

But I just found out a wild tidbit from Mom and Dad.

Whitney and Bobby are moving to the neighborhood.

Yeah. The Whitney and Bobby. They apparently just bought a house down by the water in my home town.

And this is a pretty milk-toast kind of town where the country club still only allows tennis whites on the courts and some of the narrow minded people don't like neighbors with unusual names.

Can't wait to start reading the police log in the neighborhood paper, this could really spice things up in Stepford.


The Notorious N.A.T said...

Girl, all I gotta say is:

"Hell to the no, Bobbie Christina."

Best line ever by Whitney. Practical in everyday conversation. Or at least in conversation between NB-C and me.

Kate The Great said...

The show is a trip. I love how they're both high as kites and couldn't care less about the cameras with the bright lights in their faces. Crack is hilarious.

Micah said...

The only time I've seen the show is from clips on "The Soup". Whitney yelling "KISS MY ASS" was a trip.