Thursday, April 06, 2006

Ring My Bell

Yesterday shockwaves ran through my being when I heard 50 Cent's P.I.M.P.

Now, I know I've already professed my love for Fitty, but I must admit... I'm more a U2, Sheryl Crow, Dave Matthews kind of girl.

But Wednesday that line "I don't know what you heard about me, but she can't get a dollar out of me..." was literally music to my anxious ears.

That's because John called. The date. The crush. The guy I've been pining for since Saturday.

Yeah, P.I.M.P. is now his assigned ringtone. It has to do with a funny story he told me on The Date that doesn't really warrant repeating here. I admit, it's an odd ringtone to assign a crush, but whatever... Sprint wasn't offering Magic Stick. Besides, I don't know him that well, anyway.

So after all the nail biting, all the bitching and worrying and emailing and relying on my support system to pump me up, I finally got some relief.

Four days out. That's apparently how long John waits before he calls a girl back after a first date. I'll tuck that away for future reference should I go on another first date.

This is the juncture in the blog where I offer some advice to the masculine sex.

I know you guys like to wait around a while before you call a girl back. Sometimes it's because you don't want to seem eager. Sometimes it's because you want the interest to percolate a little bit inside your conquest. Sometimes it's because you can't make up your mind. Whatever the reason, I have something for you to consider.

Think of this whole Waiting phenomenon like a Bell Curve. The interest you're wanting to develop? Well it kind of crests and hits a fever pitch around day 3 or 4, then it crashes and burns. That excitement and anticipation plummets, and your intended target just gets pissed off. Bitchy pissed off. "Why didn't you call me sooner, you bastard? I'm so over you" pissed off.

Basically, the relationship will jump the shark if you don't call in time. And that could be a big mistake, considering there's so much more to learn about a person after the first date. If nothing else, you just might be able to score if you call the chick back. But then, that could possibly speak volumes about the morals of your girl. Maybe not.

John just squeezed through the Portal of Positive Feelings by the skin of his teeth. Which is a good thing because I really want to give this guy a chance.


Michael Hickerson said...

But wait....I thought we were supposed to be elusive and such and then that would make us more attractive.

I take it to the extreme. I don't even talk to women. That totaly drives them wild for me...LOL

Anonymous said...

Sweet, Kate. I told you he would call. I'll admit I was getting anxious too. Guys- three days is the LIMIT on the call back.

Micah said...

What is this "calling women" thing you speak of?

Kate The Great said...

Michael- You can only catch flies with honey. Or chopsticks... No! Men are not supposed to be aloof or too cool... that only makes us mad!

Cheers- I know. Total nailbiter. Three days and then a lady gets feisty.

Micah- Don't play coy. I know you're a playah... along with being a BMF.