Sunday, April 23, 2006

Wicked Fun

Hey there friends,

I did not drop off the face of the earth, I just fell into a particular corner of it.

I am vacationing on the coast of Connecticut (well, here they don't call it the coast, but the "shoreline"). My pal D-Money and I spent two days in Boston and had quite an adventure there, and we've since returned to the warm comforts of my parents' home near the water.

I'll be returning to Nati Land probably later Monday and expect to post all the great and gory details sometime within the week. Today we're going to Pepe's Pizza in New Haven. It's widely regarded among Easterners as the birthplace of pizza. The little spot is a favorite hangout among Yalies (George Senior, G.W. and the Clintons all enjoy reminiscing about the old days at Pepe's when they come to New Haven) and despite New Haven's astronomical crime rate, you can always count on safety on Wooster Street. It's common knowledge that the Mob makes sure people feel safe on Wooster St. so outsiders feel comfortable visiting and spending money.

I think we're planning on eating white clam pizza, a true New England classic.



spydrz said...

I didn't know that they put clams on pizza.

Kate The Great said...

Oh, spydrz. It's a true New England deal. No red sauce here, just clams, garlic, olive oil and maybe some bits of basil.

Fabulous luxurious as Bobby Trendy would say.

spydrz said...

Oh. I am allergic to shellfish so I usually try not to look for such things...

Marc said...

So is Pepe's the best in New Haven, or is it the other place down the road (I forget the name)?

Have you had any pizza in New England or New York that is better? I still haven't tried Pepe's yet.