Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Back From My Trip

Okay, so I didn't really go anywhere - but I was certainly absent from updating the blog.

Here's a rundown of what I've neglected to tell you:

30th Annual Diet
So I'm thick in the middle of cutting the fat from my menu. I'm packing in the fruits, veggies and protein and trying to reduce my carb intake. This is turning into an annual tradition in my adulthood, but this time things are a bit different. No hard and fast diet rules, no specific plans, books, or regulations. Just healthy. I'm hoping to ramp up the exercise as we near spring. The rubber on my bike is missing the road...

Note to self: when cutting sugar and other tasty stuff out of the diet, do not deprive yourself of caffeine. Only conquer one vice at a time. No coffee makes Kate a mean girl.

Moving and Grooving
Here's a cheap way to work out: move every stick of furniture out of three bedrooms in your parents' home. That's how I spent a majority of this past weekend. My parents are in the throws of an extensive renovation of their new-to-them home in Cincinnati. I requested the painters splash my room with a color called Swiss Blue (I insisted on maintaining a "room" at my parents' home so I have a shrine to keep the Swim Team trophies and my horseback riding helmet). The color is half way between azure and Kentucky Blue. What can I say, I'm a sucker for my Wildcats...

Sashay, Shante
So, imagine my surprise when a woman in the Junior League asked me to emcee a fashion show fundraiser. I mean, I'm the girl who likes to be behind the scenes, not in front of the camera.
Apparently several of the planners say my energy and charisma would be perfect for getting ladies excited about the event affiliated with Dress For Success. Hey - it involves food, fun and fashion. I'm there...

Can You Hear Me Now?
I pretty much hate Sprint. For almost two years I've lived in an apartment that has spotty (at best) cell service. It's a troubling situation for someone who eschews a land line.

Well, folks, there is finally light at the end of tunnel.

My contract with Sprint expires on the 21st and I am exploring my options. Does anybody use T-Mobile? I am in love with the Blackberry Pearl phone...


spydrz said...

I've had T-Mobile for five years...it's fine except for the reception at my house. Then again, nobody has decent reception here, because of all the pines.

t2ed said...

One of my buddies says that T "frigging" mobile (as he calls it) makes it impossible to use up all your minutes. When he got his plan, he didn't realize they were 3,000 one minute calls.

The reception stinks up here in the Great Grey North. Lots of drops and bad zones.


With you on the cutting sugar and caffeine at the same time. Bad idea. My husband thought aliens had taken over my body. And I'm throwing you a little party over getting the H-E-Double away from Sprint. Not only do they like to cut your conversations short, but they have, quite possibly, worse customer service than AOL. We went with Altel -- for a pink Razr.