Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Happy Birthday Little Liam!

A big congrats goes out to one of my dearest friends GOP Big Wig and her handsome husband.

They just had their second baby Monday morning at 10:46 am.

The email I got from GOP scares me a bit about pregnancy (she says the labor went so swiftly that her epidural didn't have time to kick in) but she described a gorgeous little boy with lots of black hair and daddy's nose.

Yet another opportunity for me to live vicariously!


NB-C said...

I still can't believe she had her crackberry with her in the hospital!

I can't wait to see him!

Kate The Great said...

Well, I've heard those things can be addictive.

Truth be told, I'm getting ready to switch over to a crackberry of my own. Hope my thumbs can take it.

Yes, I am also anxious to see the little peanut!