Thursday, January 18, 2007

Sales Pitch

I sent this email to a friend today

Dear Mr. XXXXX,

I am writing this email to you on behalf of the entire greater Cincinnati population. I implore you to consider moving to this fair city on the other side of the great Ohio River. Our community would benefit greatly from the talents you and Mrs. XXXXXX have to offer, including in social, professional and civic endeavors.

But it should be noted Cincinnati also has many benefits you are sure to enjoy.

First: I know you are familiar with the festive atmosphere and fine spirits at the Hofbrauhaus in nearby Newport, Kentucky. This is not the only bastion of social interaction. Cincinnatians in their 20s and 30s also enjoy the popular Bacchanalian Society quarterly wine tastings. At these quarterly events, the community’s brightest young professionals team up in groups of two or three, bringing along a trio of wine bottles to enter in the competition. The whole event wraps up with one team winning a prize of between 200 and 300 bottles of wine.

What a great way to start a wine cellar in your new, north-of-the-river home.

The Cincinnati Art Museum offers another hot social scene. The monthly One World Wednesday showcases a different culture from a global mecca, complete with food and drink, live music and opportunities for you to create your own art.

As fun as Cincinnati is, this community offers so much more than social opportunity.

A family minded individual like you will appreciate the many child-friendly events this city celebrates. Cincinnati kicks off the summer with the Taste of Cincinnati in May, showcasing the best this city’s restaurants have to offer. At press time, we’re 127 days away from the festival that will showcase the talents of Culinary God Jean-Robert de Cavel, the succulent ribs and barbeque sauce perfected by the Gregory family and the Montgomery Inn franchise, and the sweet, sweet tastes Cincinnatians have come to know and love at Graeter’s. Now, I am fully aware the ice cream business has stores in Lexington, but I must tell you, none of them are as charming or classic as the Graeter’s on Hyde Park Square.

And that brings me to my final point.

The greater Cincinnati area offers a variety of neighborhoods for whatever your interests may be. West Chester in Butler County is the hot neighborhoods for 30 somethings wanting to buy a big, newer home. Traditionalists who are interested in time honored craftsmanship like to settle in Hyde Park and Mariemont and even the up-and-coming Oakley.

Cincinnati is a great community that has a long tradition that celebrates the city’s distinct style of chili, Cincinnati Reds baseball and Cincinnati Bengals football and our tight knit neighbors.

I invite you to consider all we have to offer and the possibility of setting down roots in our fair Cincinnati.

Besides, if you move here, it’s certain your children won't have funny accents.

For your consideration,
Kate the Great

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Jeregano said...

Really polished it up and made it look nice. Good Job.