Friday, March 30, 2007

Foodie Duty: Report On The Random

I am really eating up this lycopene thing.

That's the chemical that makes tomatoes red. It's also a super powered antioxidant in any tomato based product, like ketchup, tomato paste and the like.

Scientists have discovered, in case you didn't know, that lycopene is a master cancer fighter. Dietitians everywhere have sung the praises of lycopene and suggest you have at least 10 tablespoons of tomato sauce or other tomato type food for maximum benefits.

I wonder if these potato chips count.

I've always heard about (or abaoot, in this case) how Canadians love their ketchup flavored chips but noticed that intriguing version isn't found south of the border.

Until now.

The wonders of all points north (can someone hum me a few bars from Oh Canada?) have made it to the office break room.

And I gotta say is: who's been bogarting the bag o' chips?

They're tangy and sweet but don't have quite the kick that your favorite barbeque variety offers.

I don't know that they offer any lycopene, but I'll eat 'em anyway.

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