Monday, March 19, 2007

Scones For Sale

I have somewhere around 25 scones frozen in my freezer right now. Dr. Atkins is probably rolling in his grave, what with such a massive supply of homemade, baked decadence.

Scones for sale - $25 bucks each.
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I decided to take a bit of a walk to work today.

My first bus dropped me off at Main St. in Cincy, a few blocks south of the Aronoff - I was en route to my second bus stop when I noticed the 39 breezing past me.


I walked all the way up Cincinnati's Main Street towards Liberty Hill. So many independent businesses, mini marts, intriguing art galleries. Darling buildings with clever paint jobs and fresh re-hab work. Renovated lofts, condos and apartments just dying for young blood to call the neighborhood home.

I started getting hungry for the urban life.

I made it to the old stretch of Main - the part that used to be really hot but now is more run down and less inhabited - the two or three blocks south of Liberty. I was walking a swift but confident pace when one guy passed me and offered, "Hey. I like your strut. You walkin' like you own the world."

Hey, buddy. Thanks. Not quite, but I'm workin' on it.
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I was tickled to see my Cincinnati neighborhood get a major shout out on the front page of today's paper. They've (whoever they are, I don't really know) been saying it for years - Oakley is the city's hot ticket. More cute boutiques and great restaurants (like Cincinnati Magazine's #2 restaurant, Boca) moving in and housing prices staying affordable for new homebuyers.

I like to tell people that Oakley has the charm of Hyde Park with Norwood's prices.
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Somehow, I started getting messages from that dating website, I don't ever recall signing up for this thing, but the emails from prospective suitors have become quite amusing.

Messages are pouring in from guys with profile names like Pussyneeder, Gaboi 80 and Lil Man Big Wang 89. Equally undesirable are the guys with the handles quest dragons and Luvs2Eat000.

If this is an adequate sample of the guys out there, then I suppose I should be happy I'm single.
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The countdown is on.

I am 25 days away from getting my car back.

I did the budgeting this weekend and I'll have to wait until April 13th to have the dough to fix the Turbo on the Saab.

I could be all strong and martyr-like and say this bus thing is growing on me, but then I'd be fibbing big time. I've made it thus far thanks to the kindness and generosity of all my good friends who a) don't want me to be stranded at work and b) think I add enough to the social scene to pick my ass up at home and take me out from time to time.

Thanks to all - you know who you are.
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Aqua in Mt. Lookout.

It's worth your time if you like having good sushi in a shi-shi setting.

I went there for a drink and a bite with some friends Saturday evening to celebrate the end of the Fashion Show Fiasco. As drinks go - I highly recommend the Pineapple Saki Martini. I was a bit apprehensive - I thought the concoction would taste syrupy sweet. That's the kind of drink I down in, like, three seconds flat. The saki combination did a lot to tone down the sweetness and give the drink some real depth as martinis go. I can't wait to go back for another.

For dinner I tried the Kobe beef carpaccio appetizer with enoki mushrooms and kaiware salad. The salad was more like a micro salad with a tangy, almost citrus dressing. The itty bitty, beautuful, white enoki mushrooms were buttery and incredibly decadent. As for the carpaccio, I didn't really know what to expect in regards to raw meat. That's right. This beef pretty much comes to the table moo-ing. The plate was decorated with these exquisite, lacy, paper-thin slices of raw Kobe beef. The carpaccio was incredibly tender (the word gentle comes to mind) and delicious.

I also tried the Crunch sushi roll. I suppose the roll didn't make that much of an impression on me because I can't recall which kind of fish it had in it, but the roll was covered with a mound of tempura flakes hence the Crunch moniker that made for a novel treat.

The martini was in the neighborhood of seven bucks. The carpaccio and the sushi were around 21 bucks without tip.

Here's a review if you'd like to read more.
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The Police just announced they'll play a concert at Churchill Downs Saturday July 14th. Save your pennies - tickets will range between $50 and $225. This is a perfect opportunity for you and your friends to play a live version of the Roxanne drinking game with Sting and co.

I always get shitfaced when I play that game.
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I'm taking a step at fighting the war that has become my complexion.

On-air talent always know the best way to battle/cover up/camoflage and otherwise conceal an errant pimple. Last week one of my newsroom friends passed on the three key bottles of the Proactiv system for me to try.

So far so good. I've noticed a definite difference in the epidermic eruptions that plague my face from time to time. I've got a couple spots that are not towing the line, but otherwise I'm pretty happy.

I'll let you know how things flesh out on this one.

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