Friday, March 16, 2007

We Interrupt This Broadcast

Kate the Great continues to take a break from the blog.

Intense preparation is underway as Kate prepares for her emcee debut (she is used to the "other" side of the limelight, you see) at the Junior League of Cincinnati's Saint Patrick's Day Tea and Fashion Show tomorrow afternoon.

This event will do two things: help support the JLC endowment and also draw donations for the Dress for Success nonprofit organization. The event will also reveal whether Kate can remember what it's like to be front and center before 70 pairs of eyes (believe it or not, Kate is a trained singer and has toured abroad to entertain people from all over. But that was a million years ago...)

Kate is pretty much freaking out about the emcee gig.


This weekend will require exceptional skills from Kate's talented and very experienced liver. The pairing of basketball (Go Big Blue!) and Saint Patrick's Day leads to a combination that can challenge any endurance drinker.

To borrow from the New York Times, that's all the news that's fit to print.

Word has it Kate is up to her elbows in scone batter right now (56 baked for tomorrow's event. 16 more to go...) and is also getting ready to create a custom pink rose and green grosgrain centerpiece for one of the 12 tables. Get out the glue gun...

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