Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Nine Months Too Late

I've already told you how much I love Amy Winehouse.

I picked up her album, Back to Black, last night and had to pontificate a little more.

This chanteuse has a gravely, tar coated voice that just pours over the angst that comes when you fall in love a million times.

And that's why I totally identify with this chick.

Every tune on Back to Black is about unrequited love, broken love, cheating love, painful love or second-hand love.

Winehouse will make you take a trip down memory lane, pick off the scabs of your own hurtful relationships and cry seven which ways 'til Sunday.

Here's a link to the title song lyrics.

Amy Winehouse makes me remember my past mistakes and heartbreaks, and yet she makes me feel strong, independent and not alone in the burden that is being a romantic.

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