Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Eyes Wide Open

I used to collect quotes.

It became quite an obsession for a time - I'd tote around in my purse one of those journals with the blank pages, just waiting to hear or read a clever quip rattled off by a noteworthy someone.

Poe. Hemingway. Hepburn the sassy one. They're all in my book.

I had to stop when I noticed I was more obsessed with my daily listserv of quotes than I was with personal email.

Today, however, I heard something that inspired me to grab my pen and a legal pad.

Everything we need to know is going on right in front of our eyes.

How profound, and yet so simple.

It's so easy to ignore the reflection in the mirror or the voice in our head. Sometimes there's a confession to find in what we avoid, what we fear, what we fail to admit about ourselves. Sometimes we can discover our biggest weaknesses and challenges if we pay attention to what we're denying.

In other instances it's easy to lose the big picture because we're so fixated on the minutia. The details have a way of distorting the masterpiece that truly deserves our attention. Kind of like a George Seurat painting - you'll miss a stunning scene if you're too busy glaring at the tiny splotches of color.

I do think there is a lot to learn about life if we just pause to watch what's happening - what's happening to our relationships, what's happening to our emotions, what's happening to our goals. It's that occasional Come to Jesus moment where we discover how far we've meandered from our intended destiny.

The Tri-State has been blessed with some glorious weather lately. The mild temperatures and gentle breezes whisper that Autumn is just around the corner. The trees and plants are a bit more green than in weeks past and the warm, golden sunshine is just glorious. This morning I threw open the sunroof and took a deep breath - trying to inhale the moment.

I cruised to work and almost stopped in my tracks as I watched the glowing rays stream down from the sky.

It was a moment where I felt blessed to be alive.

...Right in front of my eyes, indeed.

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