Sunday, September 23, 2007

Playgirl Pictorial

Some of my best pictures from over the past 12 months

Southern Son and me bustin' a move our first night in London. October '06.
Me and soul sister D-Money at club Tiger Tiger, London '06.

This was the bar that was the scene of a terror bombing eight months later.

The infamous Knife Surrender Bin in Kensington, London '06.

I can't tell you how many blog hits I get from people wanting to know more info about this strange crime-fighting tactic.

No idea how that Bengals sticker got there.

My own, solo attempt at a Beatles album cover.

St. John's Wood, London.

October '06.

Me and Flossy at the Cin Weekly Green Party. Jefferson Hall, Newport KY.

November '06.

That skyline is spectacular.

The hair is not.

Newport, KY

November '06
Me and my brother-from-another-mother, Double Platinum.

Newport, KY

November '06
Me and Violet trying to look like porn stars. This was actually on my 30th birthday, and I am still sober in this picture. Hoffbrauhaus, Newport, KY. December '06.
GOP Big Wig and me mugging for the camera over the Christmas holiday. This is also at the Hofbrauhaus, Newport, KY. Man, that place was popular that month. December '06.

D Money returned to this side of The Pond for Christmas and New Year's. We did a nice little pub crawl and ended up at the Wine Cellar in Mt. Adams. This is one of a series of photos where we all tried our best to look like drunks.

I think D Money hit it spot on.

December '06.
This is D's brother, GI Yogurt.

This is the guy you want in your corner if you're ever in a fight or playing a fierce game of Flip Cup.

I hate this picture of me pecause my hair is flat and I don't look pretty.

It must have been the alcohol.

Mt. Adams, December '06.

Happy New Year! Me, Big Blue Blood, and Salt and Pepper posing in our 2007 finest.

St. Bernard, Ohio January '07
Same New Years Eve party... Kate the Great dancing to Like A Virgin, Maneater or some other great inspirational tune.

I have no idea whose red jacket that is.

That girl in the back is totally oblivious to the absurdity of the moment.

St. Bernard, January '07

Violet and I give another try at looking like porn stars. In a bowling alley.

Who says I don't know how to have fun?

March '07

Flossy and Ground Chuck tailgating before a serious day of gambling at Keeneland. Let the games begin...

Lexington, KY

April '07

Flossy, KtG and Big Blue Blood.

Keeneland parking lot.

Mr. Brown is probably peeing behind a tree somewhere.

Lexington, KY

April '07

D-Money comes back to America for a visit. This is D.L., our favorite bartender in Cincinnati, with two of his favorite regulars.

Treat this guy well, and he'll take care of you, too.

Hyde Park Tavern.

Hyde Park East

April '07

Me and Lenna-Lou at Taste of Cincinnati.

I highly recommend Izzy's potato pancakes, any day of the week.

Downtown Cincinnati, May '07

My sister, Bridge, and Me.

Bridge is about six months pregnant in this picture with my niece, Maevey-Bean.

Atlanta, June '07.
Maevey-Bean waiting to make her big debut.

Atlanta, GA

June '07

KtG and my brother-in-law Steve-O.

I don't know if you realize in this photo, but my b-i-l is a giant at 6'7".

Atlanta, GA

June '07

BP parking lot. Hyde Park.

D-Money in the back of a flat bed pick-up truck.

'Cause that's how we roll.

August '07

The best way to jump start after a night on the town is a scoop or two at Graeter's.

I like mine double-chocolate chip and Buckeye Blitz.

Hyde Park Square.

August '07.

The not-so-pretty side of Kate the Great.

Yes, those are hillbilly teeth.

No, they're not mine.

Mt. Auburn.

August '07.

Weekend in Columbus before D-Money's return to London.

This was in a really cute jazz bar (I think maybe in Brixton?)

They made a nice dirty martini.

August '07

At Spice Bar in the Short North, Columbus

KtG, D-Money and GI Yogurt being silly.

August '07

This picture is much nicer.

Columbus, OH

August '07

Bridge's 28th birthday

Atlanta, GA

August '07

The whole fam-damily (minus my youngest sister, Mickdizzle)

The Watershed restaurant

Decatur, GA

August '07

Crime Lady ARO.

Taking a break from tracking down bad guys.

I'm guessing she's eating either chocolate or oatmeal.

Mt. Auburn

September '07

Tweak, hard at work.

Surprisingly he's not freaking out in this picture.

Mt. Auburn

September '07


Kevin said...

I'm not a homosexual man but the guy in that first pic makes me question things inside myself that I've never questioned.

Denae said...

i laughed outloud and even felt a bit teary eyed looking at these pics. thanks for posting and allowing me to relive some fun memories. xxx can't wait to make more!!